Thursday, July 31, 2008

Redefining Atheism

Hello potential readers! This being the first post, I figure we can get some nasty preconceptions out of the way. Now atheism is not the only topic I will be covering in this blag, but it will come up enough to constitute a formal definition.

Atheists have a bad rap amongst the general populous. I believe it is because out intentions are not fully understood. Religion is so indoctrinated into our minds that godlessness strikes us as immoral and arrogant. It is clearly absurd to believe that godlessness leads to immorality, as I'm sure I will discuss at great length in another post.

But let's stay on track...

I also get the feeling that some of us don't truly understand what it means to be an Atheist, non believers included. Now here is were I'd like to veer from the generally accepted definition of the word, and take on something far grander.

I'd like to start a discussion. We need to change the way that we are perceived if we want to make any changes in this world. I'm going to start by suggesting an alternative definition for Atheism. Hopefully there is some constructive criticism out there to aid me.

Here goes:

Atheism is not merely a denial of a god, but of all things without evidence. Atheism is the belief in the scientific practices of critical thought and skepticism. Evidence is what drives our beliefs in certain ideals. Atheists doubt that which has not been proven, but reject close-mindedness. All things must be made available for inquiry, regardless of its holy status or its far-fetched claims. Atheism is not a religion. It does not need rituals to celebrate its own merit. It does not need to be charitable to prove its value. It is about being human and accepting the reality of life. It does not follow any man or law save for one principle, be skeptical and diligent in your quest for truth. Hold nothing sacred.

Well, that's what I've come up with so far. I admit that I'm not the most elegant speaker. I welcome your comments, whether they pertain to content or prose.

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