Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Job

Let me tell you about my job. I work for a company called RightNow Technologies. Basically, what we do is create and manage programs that help companies with their customer service. We sell voice recognition interfaces and tools that call centers use to handle callers. We also sell our services in tuning and improving the voice interfaces. That's where I come in.

Electronic Arts is one of our biggest customers. Today I was updating some of our FAQs and adding new games. I came across a humorous FAQ that I thought I'd share with you all.

The FAQ is called, "The Sims aren't speaking my language." As most of you probably know, the Sims basically speak gibberish. You can tell what they're thinking or talking about by the thought bubbles that pop up over their heads. Apparently, there was a large enough volume of people that didn't get this that it warranted an FAQ be made about it.

I want to laugh at these people, but I almost feel sorry for them. I wonder what language they thought they were speaking... I also wonder how silly they felt when they called our system and discovered the truth.

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