Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My, what sexy brains you have...

I have become infatuated with Olivia Judson.

Olivia is an evolutionary biologist who has received acclaim for her 2002 book, Dr. Tatiana's Sex Advice to All Creation. The book has now become a 3 part television series. She also has a weekly blog for the New York Times called The Wild Side. On top of all that, she's pretty easy on the eyes. Now she's a bit older than me, but that's how I like 'em.

Olivia got me thinking. Are there any other sexy intellectuals out there? Thus began my morning long quest to find those fine ladies with the apple bottoms jeans and the big brains. This was an arduous task and was a glorious waste of my time at work. That being said, here's what I managed to dig up:

Hypatia was a Greek scholar born around 350 AD. She is described as a "valiant defender of science against religion." Clearly a woman after my own heart. She is considered to be the first notable woman in mathematics. Hypatia was dragged into a church and murdered by a Christian mob that blamed her for religious turmoil.

Maria was born in 1718 and was an Italian linguist, mathematician, and philosopher. She is most known for her work in mathematics and is credited with the first book discussing both differential and integral calculus.

This saucy lady was an English Countess, born in 1815. She is credited as being the first computer programmer. Ada worked closely with Charles Babbage, who originated the concept of the first programmable computer. She was one of the few who understood his ideas and wrote a program for his theoretical machine.

In the interest of fairness, I thought it appropriate to treat our female (and some male) readers to some hunky man meat. Because you know what they say about big brains... big wigs.

This Cadillac of men needs no introduction, but here's one anyways. Newton was an English physicist, born in 1643. His theories on gravity and the laws of motion did much to advance science. Newton's ideas are still used as the basis for modern physics.

This man caught my attention for a variety of reasons. First the name, and then the mustache. Tycho was a Danish nobleman, born in 1546. He is known for having the most accurate astronomical observations of his time. His data was used by Johannes Kepler in deriving his laws of planetary motion.

So there you have it! The complete and comprehensive list of the sexiest intellectuals of all time. I'll let you have some time alone now...

If you feel I've missed someone of note, let me know and I'll add them to the list (should I deem them worthy).

Commenter Suggestions:

George Washington Carver
He invented hundreds of things using agricultural items, one being peanut butter. He never patented it because he believed food was a gift from God to everybody.


  1. I couldnt help but notice your list was very...caucasian.

    Do you like peanut butter? Then put this sexy guy on your list: George Washington Carver. He invented hundreds of things using agricultural items, one being peanut butter. He never patented it because he believed food was a gift from God to everybody. (I learned that in 5th grade)

    a picture:

  2. That's true. I hadn't really noticed. I'll add Carver, after all, he does have a really nice 'stache.

  3. I'm not sure you'd count her as an intellectual per se, but Hedy Lamarr was a movie actress in the 40s who also happened to invent a key piece of wireless communication technology.