Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Progressive Christians

Firstly, I'd like to say that I generally find people in the category of Progressive Christian to be much more likable than your average fundamentalist Christian. These are people that are more willing to question the teachings of the bible and decide on which morals they really want to put stock in. They are generally believers in gay rights and accept the theory of evolution. I find their willingness to compromise very admirable.

That being said, I also find them spineless. These are people that desperately slash away at their beliefs, trying to make them fit into the modern world. Science has discovered evolution? Well that fits with Christianity. God must have made evolution. Oh, you say being gay is OK now? Well that fits just fine with my beliefs. That part of the bible is wrong. Women have equal right now? The bible was wrong on that too.

It's just an exercise in futility to me. It's all very akin to the God of the Gaps argument. Basically, anything that science cannot currently explain is accounted for by God. However, every time science progresses it infringes on things that God used to explain. Science keeps filling in the gaps. One ponders how long it will take before God no longer has a place to hide.

In a similar fashion, these Progressives keep ripping pages out of the bible. Every time our morals progress they admit fault in a portion of the bible and follow the Moral Zeitgeist. I wonder how empty their bible will have to be until they see that morality doesn't come from there. Our ideas have shifted so much in just this past century. It's so clear that we make our own morality.

So give it up already. Your desperate clinging to old ideas is tasteless and shameful.

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