Thursday, October 29, 2009

Flaccid Democracy

I have no real context for this post. I have just been feeling very disappointed with our legislative branch these days.

They just can't get anything done. They would rather resort to petty partisanship, and it's not just the republicans. We voted resoundingly for a public option when we elected Obama. That was his platform and that's what the people wanted. Despite that, our "representatives" refuse to pass it. Apparently, serving the people isn't a concern of theirs.

Our government has become so twisted and corrupted from its original intention. It's gotten so bad that most people have probably forgotten that the government is supposed to be in institution that serves us. It actually would not surprise me considering the state our education system is in these days.

I wonder how long we will allow this broken system to continue? Will we sludge along in blissful ignorance until it all come crumbling down? If that's the case, then perhaps we deserve it.

This system we have now is not the best it could be. We have the capabilities to truly give all citizens a voice. We could create a true democracy, where the ultimate goal is the betterment of all people.

The world has changed since this country was founded. And like most things, this country must change along with it.

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