Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Equally Crazy

I finally dug into Jerry Coyne's well established blog Why Evolution Is True today. I'm quite happy I did, because it's great stuff. One of his recent posts reminded me of a policy change I had a few months back.

Let me start by saying that I love Will Smith. LOVE. So it was with great regret that I began my "boycott" of him when allegations arose that he was a Scientologist. Scientology is clearly a money making cult with crazy beliefs. A danger to rationality. How could I, in good conscience, be a fellow traveler with the likes of him.

This "boycott" continued for some time, until I realized that Christianity is pretty crazy too. With the talking snakes, virgin births, and all that other impossible stuff that they believe. Why should Christianity get off the hook while I focus my scorn on Scientology? The only difference is that Scientology is much younger and its invention is much more obvious. Give it a few centuries and Scientology will look just as sane as Christianity. Which is to say, completely bananas.

All in all, Scientology should be thrown in the same lot with every other religion. And they should all be treated equally.

With contempt and mockery.

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