Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Truth No Matter What

Well, I'm back. Don't worry, I didn't forget about you. I'd like to say I've been too busy to spend time with you... but that isn't the case. The Truth is I've just been too lazy to be bothered with your entertainment. It feels good to get that off my back. The Truth will set you free... as they say. They say that don't they?

You may be curious as to why I've been capitalizing "The Truth". Oh you didn't notice or care? Too bad. I'm going to make you sit through this anyways. The reason for this is that my new hero does this. Us impressionable youngsters just love to emulate our heroes.

Spider Jerusalem from the comic series Transmetropolitan has an infatuation with The Truth, which he capitalizes as such. All that matters to him is getting at The Truth so that he may expose it to the world. There is no compromise for him. He will not lie or hide information to further his own agenda. He will present The Truth unadulterated, regardless of the consequences. This is what makes him an honorable and just protagonist, despite his mental instability and disgust for humanity.

Personally, I think that's a great way to live one's life. No, not the mental instability... I mean the uncompromising dedication to The Truth. It's really the only rational thing to do. The Truth should be given and received no matter how unpleasant it is or how uncomfortable it makes us feel. The Truth should be given regardless of whether you stand to gain or lose by its distribution.

What? You say the idea of evolution inspired Hitler (It didn't) to murder all those people? Well what does this have to do with the validity of the theory? Oh right, absolutely nothing. We cannot hide from a fact for fear of its consequences. The Truth will still be The Truth no matter how we try to distort it to accomplish our agenda. The only sane thing to do is accept the facts.

This is how I'd like the world to work. I want to have The Truth no matter what.